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Metal Siding & Roofing

Our metal roofing and siding profiles can meet your agricultural, commercial or residential needs.
We offer 26 different colours in 26ga and 29ga material. 24ga and thicker material also available.

Profile 9-36

Our 9-36 profile is designed specifically with the agricultural industry in mind. The 9-36 profile is the most economical roofing and siding panel we carry, making it the perfect choice for shops, barns and storage buildings. Ideal for slopes 2/12 and above.

9-36 Specs & Load table Data

Profile 12-36

Our 12-36 profile is the panel of choice for industrial and commercial metal roofing and siding applications, and is an excellent choice for pre-engineered buildings. This profile provides the strength and durability to withstand the toughest conditions and is ideal for slopes as low as 1/12. Our panels are cut to custom lengths up to 45’ and provide a 36” coverage.

12-36 Specs & Load table Data

Profile 12-36 Reverse

Our 12-36 Reverse profile is an excellent choice for exterior walls on pre-engineered, insulated metal buildings. The unique profile allows the panel to compress any pre-eng drape insulation while causing minimal distortion to the panel itself.

12-36 Reverse Specs & Load table Data

Diamond Rib

Our Diamond Rib is a strong, yet economical panel that can be used for agricultural, industrial and commercial roofing and siding applications. With ribs spaced at 6” on centre and 3/4” in height, this profile offers an exciting aesthetic appearance while maintaining the strength and durability you need. Also works well as a liner panel.

Diamond Rib Specs & Load table Data

Diamond Rib Reverse

Our Diamond Rib Reverse profile further increases our line of metal roofing and siding panels. Offering yet another ascetically pleasing look, the diamond rib reverse works great on agricultural and commercial buildings and provides your building with the strength it needs. As a reverse to our diamond rib panel, this profile provides 36” coverage and is available in any of our wide range of colors.

Diamond Rib Reverse Specs & Load table Data

Low Rib

Our Low Rib profile offers plenty of flexibility for your roofing and siding needs. With a 3/8” low profile rib, this panel is capable of shaping itself over the curvatures on your building. Low Rib is a great choice for quonsets, barns and other curved roofing and siding projects.

Low Rib Specs & Load table Data

7/8” Corrugated

Our 7/8” corrugated profile is one of the longest standing metal profiles around. It’s wave-like corrugation makes it the ideal profile for a wide array of projects, whether it be agricultural, commercial or residential. The corrugated ribs at 2.66” on centre and 7/8” in height give this profile an exciting aesthetic appearance on any building. This profile also works great as a liner panel.

7/8” Corrugated Specs & Load table Data

9-36 Interior Liner

For interior use, we’ve developed the maintenancefree 9-36 Interior Liner panel. This clean, water-tight system offers the perfect combination of strength and beauty, and is available in a liner-white colour.

9-36 Interior Liner Specs

Standing Seam

The Springwater JSM standing seam panel is the Cadillac of steel roofing panels. This profile is manufactured as a hidden fastener system, and is available in 22-26 gauge steel thickness, and in a coloured or agalume finish. This uniquely designed clip-fastening system allows for each panel to cover up the fastening of the panel laid previous, providing a fantastic, aesthetic-looking roof that wows even the most critical judge of residential and commercial design.

Standing Seam Specs

Standing Seam

Snap Lock, installation-wise, is Springwater’s smartest and most neatly designed panel. With the same sharp look of JSM Standing Seam, Snap Lock is the other panel of choice for those who want a commercial or residential roof to stand out and impress.

Snaplock Specs


T-Panel is an architectural profile that provides an aesthetic appearance that only a pan and batten system can. This profile is easy to install and offers no exposed fasteners upon completion. It is a very popular product commonly used on curved architectural roofs and barrel vault roofs. T-Panel must be installed over a solid substrate, such as plywood.

T-Panel Specs

Homestyle Roofing Panel

Homestile Roofing metal tile panels are a graceful and durable roofing material suitable for all pitched roofs applications 3/12 and higher. It is one of the most light-weight roofing materials. Therefore easier to install ,and a heavy roof support structure isn’t required..So if your looking for durability with a modern style for your structures please contact us!

Homestile PDF

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